Build a Real Business Without the BUSTLE and Burning Out

One to One Coaching to help you move from doing it all yourself to thinking, acting and leading like the CEO your business needs.

Have you been experiencing Growing Pains in your business?

Sometimes when you are in the hurry and bustle of working in your business, it’s hard to tell what fire needs to be put out first. It’s also hard to slow down long enough to see kindling starting to smoke so you can stop the fire before it starts.

You are working all the time and you have no idea how you will get out from underneath it all. You are doing everything and you’re ready to hire, but you don’t have a system to rely on to make sure nothing falls between the cracks.

You need targeted, specific guidance for your business. You need help from someone who has grown a business, built a team from the ground up and can teach you what you need to know about the financial side of your business.

You’ve been told you need to leverage yourself. You would love to be able to take time off and have your business run without you. You just need someone to show you how.

You’re constantly asking yourself “Can I afford to invest in my business?” or “When can I start saving for my future?” You even find yourself saying “Will I have enough money to get me through the year?”

You are avoiding answering the phone or returning calls because you are afraid someone will ask you for something you just don’t have any energy to provide. You know that what you’re currently doing is not sustainable. You’re ready to do what it takes to build a sustainable business.

Hi! I'm Stacy

Hi! I’m Stacy Luft and I work one on one with Entrepreneurs to help them grow from self-employed to CEO with teams and systems they can rely on.

I launched CEO Growth Academy, where in addition to one to one coaching, I’ve created courses on budgeting, operations and financial knowledge that every business owner needs in order to become a CEO. Entrepreneurs are the inspiration for the inception of the Academy. Supporting business owners through topics that at times can be overwhelming. No fluff, no-nonsense, just straightforward information to build a real business, whether it’s online, offline or both.

How do I know what mistakes business owners make? Because I’ve made them myself. After years of managing other people’s businesses, I still made the same mistakes once it was MY money and assets on the line. I didn’t take the time to set up the systems I knew my business needed to grow and I was crushed under the weight of it all. I can help you avoid these pitfalls by helping you learn from me, and many other business owners’ mistakes. Teaching you how to get off the hamster wheel, or pick yourself up again if you’ve fallen down.

Mistakes I've made that you're likely making right now...

MISTAKE 1 - Not asking for help

Thinking that you should “know this already”. So many business owners struggle, going it alone because they think they should know how to run a business. How to hire people, how to read their financials, and how to hold their employees accountable.

MISTAKE 2 - Ignoring the numbers

If you’re not an accountant, chances are you don’t like reading financial statements. It’s possible that you hate it so much it gives you the hives to look at your numbers. Unfortunately, more businesses go out of business because the owner was out of touch with its financial performance.

MISTAKE 3 - Going it alone

Not planning for the future and creating a business that is solely dependent on the business owner. This shows up as an owner who micromanages all the employees. Or even worse, an owner who doesn’t outsource anything and is doing everything themselves.

Introducing... CEO Growth Academy

What's Included?

Strategy Sessions Monthly 1:1 call

Once a month join me in a 1 to 1 Strategy call where you get focused time with me to work on your business.

Each month we will have a live call where you can ask questions and get on the spot answers. These strategy sessions will help you achieve your goals, work on your business, and to think like a CEO.

Action Plan & Financial Education

Get a personalized Action Plan and be accountable. Monthly 15-minute SOS calls to get urgent help.

Each month you will also have access to a 15-minute SOS session to get help with an urgent business issue.

By joining CEO Growth Academy, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills to build and RUN your business for success!

Private Weekly Coaching with Stacy

Get help with your specific business issues in a private chat that only you and Stacy can see.

Done With You Bookkeeping – no more struggling and going it alone, or worse… not doing it all!

Bring your own Xero or QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscription and get guidance on your numbers.

Don’t have bookkeeping set up? No problem, we will set you up on Xero or QuickBooks Online to get you off on the right foot.

Full Access to All Courses

There are certain practical skills that every business owner needs to have in order to become a CEO.

Skills like basic accounting, budgeting and reading your financials that are the same for every business.

In order to maximize our one to one time together, I have created courses that you can do on your schedule as needed. You don’t need to think about which course to utilize first because I will let you know which is most important for you to work on for your specific needs.

It’s in this area, that you will find courses on how to create a budget, or what goes on the balance sheet. I will continue to add courses over time. This library will continue to build and you will automatically have access as long as you remain in CEO Growth Academy.

I know what you’re thinking...

I don't even know where to start...

We start with a Business Assessment of what is working and what isn’t, then we identify and close the gaps.

Using what we uncover in the business assessment, I will develop your Personalized Action Plan.

Then, using the business assessment, we will prioritize the actions that will have the most impact to bring you closer to your goals.

Your Action Plan will include the next steps of what and how to implement the tasks that build towards your goals.

Developing the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) specific to your business and your goals so that you can measure your success.

Each month we review your progress, reassess and then update your plan, staying focused on the big picture.

By coaching you through challenges you’ll learn how to think like a CEO and bring your business to the next level.

More courses? Umm... yes and Nope!​​

In order to maximize our one to one time together, I have created courses that you can do on your schedule as needed. You don’t need to think about which course to utilize first because I will let you know which is most important for you to work on for your specific needs.

With personalized financial education, you’ll learn how to use your financial statements to run your business.

You’ll learn strategy development for bringing on staff and building your team.

You’ll learn how to determine when can you afford it, how much should you pay, how to keep your team members on track for success for you AND for them.

You’ll learn leadership skills to manage your team, especially when things are going off track.

You will learn how to build your business with an exit plan in place for when you’re ready to retire or sell the business to start something new.



This program will give you one on one access to me (Stacy) and personalized guidance. With me by your side, you’ll learn how to think like the CEO of your business.

I’ll show you how to evaluate your financial performance like a CFO, build your team like the COO and execute your plans to move from Self Employed to CEO.


  • Thinking bigger for your business and stretching your imagination to explore what is really possible.
  • Planning for that success, and putting that plan into action.
  • Making the move from being simply self-employed, to thinking, acting and leading like a business owner
  • Hiring the right people, manage them, hold them accountable, and encourage their growth
  • Implementing systems that protect your business and its reputation
  • Creating revenue models that support your personal and business goals.


  • You're a Business Owner who is ready to take action. Implementing a plan is more important than perfecting a plan.
  • You're a Business Owner that is ready to learn your numbers. Successful business owners know that understanding their financials are key to making sound decisions for their businesses.
  • You're a busy Business Owner that needs help staying on track. You are an action taker and you are self-motivated. You take care of your clients, but you struggle knowing what steps to take next for yourself.
  • You're a Business Owner that is ready to build your business and not just “get more clients”. You are ready to start hiring team members, but you need help creating the systems and delegating the work.
  • You're ready to start thinking bigger for your business and stretching your imagination to explore what is really possible.
  • You're ready to make the move from being simply self-employed, to thinking, acting and leading like a business owner.
  • You are looking for quick fix answers and 6 figures overnight. You are looking for an easy overnight success Insta-famous life. Business Owners in CEO Growth Academy are focused on building a sustainable business.
  • You're not ready to let go of your fear of money. It’s OK if you’re not comfortable talking about money, but you need to be ready to face your fears. Be ready to learn practical financial skills to run your business.​​
  • You aren't ready to commit a few hours a week to working on your business systems. It’s necessary to set aside at least 2 hours a week to work on your business in order to see progress.
  • You're not open to objective feedback about your business. That means hearing things that you may not want to hear.
  • You're not ready or willing to implement changes and challenge yourself to grow beyond your comfort zone.
  • You expect guaranteed results. Your success is completely dependent on the actions you take.​​​



  • Monthly 50-minute Private Strategy Call
  • Personalized Action Plans for your business
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tracking
  • Personalized Scorecards and Goal Tracking
  • Access to all courses with personalized guidance
  • Private Coaching Discussion Area
  • Monthly 15 minute SOS Call
  • Done With You Bookkeeping


We promise we won't spam you and promise your email is safe with us. You may receive occasional sales emails, but you can opt out at any time.


Money Back Guarantee

Enjoy a 30 day hassle-free money back guarantee. If you decide that CEO Growth Academy isn’t for you and want to cancel at any time in the first 30 days, just let us know for a full refund.

No hassles, no worries.

You may cancel your membership at any time.


Questions You Might Have

Yes, this is a private coaching program. You will get a one to one Strategy Call with Stacy each month. Inside CEO Growth Academy there is also a private one to one discussion area where you can post any questions you have and receive guidance from Stacy throughout the month. What if something comes up between calls that can’t wait? Not to worry… you can book a 15 minute 911 call.

There are many different entrepreneur memberships out there today. Each has its own benefits.

In CEO Growth Academy, you have access to a proven professional that has built real businesses and lead real teams. I’ve had those hard conversations with employees that need to be let go. I’ve worked with multi-billion (yeah with a B) dollar companies holding them accountable to the contract terms while continuing to do business together. I’ve mentored many business owners through cash crunches and bank loans.

Running a business is more than getting sales. So. Much. More. THIS is what I can help you with.

Yup! The most fun I have is taking technical and quite honestly boring topics and making them fun and relatable.

It sounds hard at first, but in CEO Growth Academy, you’ll get so comfortable with financials that you’ll impress even the stuffiest CPA!

I earned my A.A.S. Accounting degree from Suffolk County Community College and my B.S. in Accounting and Executive M.B.A. from St. Joseph’s College.

In addition to working with clients and members of CEO Growth Academy, I am a CE Lecturer for the Bookkeeping Certification Program at Hofstra University on Long Island, NY.

As with anything, it takes time for you to see results. While you can cancel your membership at any time, it’s best for you to stay longer. With consistent action, you will start to see a difference in your business after 90 days.

Now of course, if you join and don’t implement, then you won’t see any new progress. It’s up to you.

Done For You Bookkeeping is not included in CEO Growth Academy. We are there to help you and guide you through doing your own bookkeeping.

If you would prefer to hire bookkeeping services, we would be happy to discuss how we can help you.

Change your mind? No problem. If you decide in the first 30 days CEO Growth Academy isn’t for you, just contact us for a full refund. No hassle, no worries.

As long as you continue your membership, you will have access. If you cancel your membership, you will lose access to all the coaching, courses, content and community.